Ben Rowlings

Paralympic Athlete

About Me

I am proud to be one of the leading British wheelchair racers and the fastest T34 athlete

 ever in Britain over the 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 5000m distances

I grew up in Newport Shropshire with my parents, Pete and Claire and siblings Harry and Sophie (who made everything as competitive as possible). I then moved to Scotland in 2017 to go to university in Stirling. I was born with Cerebral Palsy, which is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain at birth. It meant that I would find tasks like walking extremely difficult and often use a wheelchair to get about. Growing up sport played a massive part in my life from competitive afternoons in the garden with my brother to a brief swimming career which was abruptly ended by a chlorine allergy. 

Ben Rowlings Childhood
Growing up in Shropshire, I was born with Cerebral Palsy
Ben Rowlings The Start
I found wheelchair racing in 2011 and then moved to Edinburgh in 2017
Ben Rowlings Worlds 800m Final 2019
I currently hold the World record for the T34 5000m (12.02.00)

Discovering My sport

I found wheelchair racing in 2011. Through the help of my friends, family and the coaches that have helped me along the way, Ian Mirfin and Job King I have been able to become 2x European Silver medallist in Berlin 2018. I am also lucky enough to be T34 European record holder over 800m (1.39.12), 1500m (3.13.00) and currently hold the World record for the T34 5000m (12.02.00), after making my Paralympic debut in the Rio games in 2016.

Outside of sport I am currently at university studying to be a secondary school teacher, as well as enjoying public speaking in particular school talks and answering some of the very open questions you get!

Making my Paralympic debut in the Rio games 2016

Career Highlights

Below is a summary of some of the key achievements of Ben’s career to date


European Bronze medal T34 400 & 800m


4th IPC World Athletics championships 800m


4th IPC World Athletics championships 400m


Competed in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games:


European Bronze medal T34 400m


European Bronze medal T34 800m


European Bronze medal T34 100m


European Record T34 400m (51.83)


European record T34 800m (1.39.12)


European record T34 1500m (3.13.00)


World record T34 5000m (12.02.00)


6th IPC World Athletics Championships T34 800m


5th IPC World Athletics Championships T34 400m



European Silver medal T34 800m


European Silver medal T34 400m


European Silver medal T34 800m


European Silver medal T34 400m


British Record T34 200m (27.51)


British Record T34 400m (51.65)


8th T34 400m IPC World Athletics Championships


7th T34 800m IPC World Athletics Championships


Ben Rowlings Team GB

Ben Rowlings Race Schedule

Swiss Invitational: 29th – 30th August 2020

British Championships: 5th – 6th September 2020

Team Ben

Without the massive support network around me, I wouldn’t be able to turn up on the start line in the best shape possible

The Siblings

Claire, Pete, Harry, Sophie

I wouldn’t be anywhere without the support of my family. They’ve supported me from the start (when I really wasn’t very good). Although I don’t see them as much as I would like to know living and training in Scotland, you’d often still be able to hear them shouting over the top of the commentary at big events.

Girlfriend Alice



Alice is the person who makes sure I have the right food when I get home from training, support with the bad days and the good ones. Alice has been a massive part of my support network since I moved to Scotland in 2017.

Ian Mirfin


Ian Mirfin

Ian has coached me 2017 and has been at every international competition since. He oversees the structure of all my athletics programmes and is often the calming voice before a big race.

Mckenna Massage

Sports Therapist

Matt McKenna

Matt is my go-to therapist when I am competing for Stirling University, I would be incredibly sore without his help at competitions. If you’re needing a sports therapist for any injury check him out at McKenna Massage Therapy

Scottish Institute of Sport

Scottish Institute

of Sport

I am fortunate to get support from the Scottish Institute of Sport. The institute work with me and my coach to help plan strength and conditioning sessions, nutrition advice, physio, sports psychology. Without the support of the institute I wouldn’t be going into each competition in the best shape.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is something I really enjoy doing and over the last 8 years I have been lucky enough to talk to a wide range of audiences from schools, to sports groups and businesses.

Contact Ben to arrange in person events for your business or organisation

Public Speaking Ben Rowlings


Wheelchair racing is an expensive sport due to the nature of the specialised equipment needed, specific training and travel to important competitions. I am massively grateful to all of my sponsors for all the support they have given me.

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Mckenna Massage Therapy
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If you are interested in sponsoring me please get in touch by email to [email protected]

Any support would be greatly appreciated. In return for sponsorship I can offer: Athlete appearances, social media promotions etc.

Ben is one of the leading British wheelchair racers and the fastest ever T34 athlete in Britain


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Contact Me

I love talking about my sport and all the experiences I have had so far so if you would like to send me a message please use the form below and I will try to reply quickly. Please be patient as there may be times that I am away training/ competing abroad and I will not have access to the messages, but I will do my best to get back to you as fast as possible.


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